About Anakh Leadership Coaching

I have a true passion for coaching leaders. I am continually inspired by those who display acts of integrity, bravery and intelligence in the face of everyday challenges. I am inspired when I see an individual display an unquestionable level of self-respect, dignity and courage…someone who “walks the talk” and practices what he or she preaches.

I also strive to live my life in this manner. It is my pleasure and honor to work with and support leaders to strengthen their self-awareness and emotional maturity and to create positive, permanent behavioral change in their lives.

It is my intention, in our work together, for leaders to create a deep sense of purpose and authenticity along with fostering the strength and courage necessary to follow-through on their values and beliefs and become inspiring role models for those around them in their community, nation and the world.

It is through this heightened level of self-awareness, honesty, and understanding that these leaders will instill a sense of strength, tenacity, courage and confidence within others and inspire them to live to their highest potential.