Emotional Release Sound Therapy

There is hope… You can change.

Why is it so difficult for me to make changes on my own?

ERST Emotional Release Sound Therapy Unconscious, negative thought patterns run our lives, preventing us from controlling our behaviors and reactions.  They cause us to become addicted to our habits and make us get triggered emotionally and react automatically (unconsciously) in our day-to-day lives.  Because these patterns are unconscious, we are unaware of them.  We can’t change what we don’t know.

Why do the same things keep happening to me?

Your unconscious mind will stay stuck in old patterns of thinking and behaving because it views change as bad or fearful.  As a result, you stay stuck in a state of status quo that is familiar rather than feeling happy, alive and free.

Living according to past experiences and old behavioral patterns limits what you perceive your capabilities to be.  Old, negative thoughts and beliefs prevent you from seeing opportunities and new possibilites for yourself.  Being tied to the past in this way keeps you doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same result.

What is Emotional Release Sound Therapy?

Emotional Release Sound Therapy uses sound frequencies to eliminate negative energy patterns and emotional “congestion” from the body.  After these old emotions are released, the client will feel and act differently because the emotional blockage is no longer there.  In other words, once the negative (stuck) energy around a specific issue, thought or belief is gone, the client is able to see the situation from a more empowering and less emotional perspective.


“I have had a love affair with Diet Coke for a hefty twenty-some years.  I had tried to “quit” on a few occasions, but always failed…It had become my norm, my ritual, and source of comfort.  I decided to go for it, and after the sound therapy, I now have no desire to drink Diet Coke!!  I feel amazing.”

“Sound therapy was a life-changer for me.  My issue was any communication from my boss.  Anytime my boss would email, call, text or meet in person, I would get so anxious.  I felt like I didn’t know what I was talking about.  I even questioned whether or not I was even the right fit for my job even though I have over 10 years of experience. The symptoms started off slowly and then after a while it got so bad to where I would have such a knot in my stomach that it would hurt, and I couldn’t eat.  I wasn’t able to sleep at night, my balance was off, I would become so clumsy all of a sudden, I would drop my pencil, and I would get dizzy.  I read every email, text or conversation from my boss like it was a huge dig on my ability to perform my job.  The worst was when I was in a small car accident the morning of my meeting with my boss.  I needed to change the way I felt about my boss.  I thought I was going crazy and started to make Dr. appointments, but only to find out they were just going to give me a drug to cope with this issue.  Then I found sound therapy with Cindy Nelson.  She changed my life forever. We talked a little bit, and I got therapy right away.  Now, I’m not afraid of looking at my inbox or text messages to see what I might find from my boss.  I’ve recently finished up my last bit of therapy and had a meeting with my boss.  My boss said it was the best meeting we’ve had to date. I was very relieved and happy to know that I’m cured of this issue.”

“For the past year since moving into our new house our daughter didn’t like to sleep in her bedroom.  She would sleep just about anywhere else including on the living room couch and under the dining room table. Since Cindy completed the clearing using sound therapy, my daughter has happily slept in her own bed in her room every night…even weekends!! It’s been a dramatic change.”

“Sound therapy is a gift that everyone should give themselves. My 8-year-old son was struggling emotionally and acting out at school something terrible. Every day I waited nervously for the phone call to come to the school to talk to him or pick him up due to suspension. It created a lot of tension and stress in our family. Cindy was able to use (sound therapy) to help my son release the (stuck) feelings in his heart. I am happy to say that the suspensions have stopped, he is thriving at school and our little family of two are able to smile and love each other more deeply than ever. We all have bad days, and he is no exception, but now his bad days don’t overwhelm him to the point of suspension at school. That is extremely positive.”